The longest journey begins with a single … blah blah blah. Today we headed out, and that was enough of an accomplishment. We did not make any great distance, just a short hop along the 20 to Buffalo, but we finally managed to get on the road and separate ourselves from our stuff. Our home had been separated from already, and we spent the last night at our neighbors’ house up the hill. We’d lugged a number of bags and boxes up there as well – the suitcases and contents we planned to take to Europe once we got back, along with a depressing amount of other stuff. Some of it consisted of foodstuffs and other items we were giving to our neighbors, but a lot was just other stuff that, for whatever reason, we weren’t able to let go of just yet. Some of that was destined for the motorcyles, and thankfully we were able to get this onto our bikes with less trouble than I’d expected.


The ride was fairly uneventful. There was more traffic and more suburban development than I remembered along this stretch of the road, but the weather was a perfect mix of blue sky, puffy clouds, and cool air and the trip was fine. Seneca Falls and Waterloo are both nice classic upstate New York towns along the way, and the rest was farm fields, rolling hills, and unfortunately some of this suburban development as I mentioned.


At the end we met our friend John in Buffalo and went out for a beer and some dinner. Here’s a shot of what might be the last IPA I encounter for a while -


140 miles.

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