A Different Kind of Biking

During the summer, Steamboat becomes a mountain biking mecca, and the lower ski slopes get converted into mountain bike runs. Every few cars on the gondola lift hangs a special car that can hold 3 or 4 bikes, and these and their riders get transported up the hill for a ride down that looks even wilder than what the skiiers must be doing in the other season. The riders actually wear motorcycle dirtbike helmets, along with extensive pads, and in a few minutes of watching we saw one guy taking unfortunate good advantage of this equipment.

However I’ve never been much of a mountain biker, for whatever reason, but have done a fair amount of road riding and have been thinking of complementing my existing hybrid, which I use for touring and miscellaneous local rides, with a road bike. Yesterday we’d found a shop that would actually rent you a carbon fiber road bike (yes, one of those bicycles that can cost more than motorcycles), and today we went in and rented a pair.

We got set up on some Giant Defy Composite 2′s and headed out for a 40 mile ride. We stayed in the valley, but this valley, like our Otisco Valley back home, has little or no flat ground. We were always going either up, or down, or both. Well OK not really, but with these feather-weight road bikes going flat felt like downhill, and uphill was mostly a piece of cake, at least until we got to some longer climbs – but I’m going to blame the sun and heat for taking their toll on those. All in all a great ride, and boy did we feel like we deserved our fajiita lunch afterwards.

40 miles (pedaling).

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