Big Sky to Missoula

Indeed any bears that were in the area left us unmolested, and our tent kept us dry this time, although I had to get up in the middle of the night and reset a peg that had pulled out of the rocky ground. Everything was still wet though, and we decided to pack up and go treat ourselves to a restaurant breakfast rather than doing our usual boiling oatmeal thing on a sodden picnic table. We were quite successful at this, finding a simple place called the “Restaurant at the Inn” along the side of highway 191 that made things fresh, with good ingredients and skill in the cooking. Our food was a long time coming, but worth every minute of the wait.

We continued on up to I-90, which we actually decided voluntarily to take. We’d had quite a generous share of winding narrow roads the past few days, and now we wanted to try something different and actually get somewhere with little hassle. This worked reasonably well, and I do have to say, if one has to ride interstate on a motorcycle, there are certainly worse places one could pick than the I-90 in central / western Montana.

Eventually we made it in to Missoula, an excellent college and outdoor town, home to the University of Montana. We moteled it there, so we could get ourselves cleaned up before meeting our friend A. in Spokane the next day.




230 miles.

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