Exit Yellowstone, Enter Montana

Today was going to be a short day, less than a hundred miles, and so we made a lazy time of it in the morning at the campground. Unfortunately this meant that by the time we made our way out to see some more of the geyers and such, everything was packed. The fact that it was Friday only seemed to make matters worse. We nonetheless managed to see a few things, then headed out of the park for lunch and groceries in West Yellowstone. (I wonder what that town was named before the park was there.)

Then we rode up towards Big Sky, Montana, in the vicinity of which there were a number of campgrounds in the Gallatin National Forest. These were about 50 miles away. A couple of road construction areas later we found a nice one named for a creek where we rode up more than half a mile to the sites, and so for once we couldn’t hear the highway at all. Unfortunately what we did hear was the rain, which started a short while after we arrived. Päivi got the tent up in time while I registered, but then what looked like a short passing thunderstorm turned into a rising and falling rain that lasted most of the night.

So it was probably our nicest nature campsite yet, but we weren’t able to enjoy it in the evening. We didn’t even eat our dinner, and hoped the bears wouldn’t be around for theirs either.






95 miles.

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