“Hiking” Fourth Day – Back to Sandpoint

In the morning we got up early and broke camp for the drive back to Sandpoint. We’d be dropped off there, while A. and S. would continue back to their flight in Seattle.

The first portion of the drive was made in fairly short order, and we found ourselves at our motel some hours before we could check in, and not desiring to go to the trouble of suiting up and riding our motorcycles anywhere. No problem we thought, it’s only a couple of miles in to downtown Sandpoint, and flat ones at that; we’ll just walk in there and have breakfast.

But one should never underestimate the trials and travails of suburban hiking: dusty roads with narrow shoulders, blasting traffic, and the general lack of any accomodation for pedestrians. Not to mention the classic “you can’t get there from here”. Unless you’re a car, but sometimes not even then, although in that case it usually only takes a minute or two to do the ridiculous drive around to avoid whatever obstacle it is to sane progress.

So it took us a while, but eventually we arrived in downtown Sandpoint, sweaty but in good spirits in anticipation of a hearty breakfast. This we indeed had, and then followed it up fairly shortly with a beer of all things, the time of the breakfast having not been that early. A little more walking around the downtown peeking into shops here and there, and then we walked back by a different and altogether more pleasant route, although the rise in temperature detracted somewhat from our pleasure at this.

We checked in to the motel, took showers, did laundry and all that sort of thing, ending with a buffet dinner that was probably larger than necessary, but indulged in as some sort of reward for having completed the hike successfully.



4 miles.

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