Hiking Third Day – At the Lake, Then Not

We awoke to a beautiful morning at a snow-fed gem of a lake with no bears. Once the sun was properly up and the breeze was wiping off the glass, turning mirror to aqua, we alternately swam and lounged around the shore. Despite original thoughts of day-hiking to bag a nearby peak, everyone proved content to rest after the preceding day’s exertions. Unfortunately not all of us could rest the whole day, however, as the length of the hike in meant some would need to hike back out today and camp near the cars in order to make their flights. Päivi and I were among this number, not because of flights but because of needing to get back a day early to begin our eastward journey.

And so we hiked out. There was actually a larger lake at the trailhead, but as often the case with mountain lakes, bigger is not always better. We had to camp out of sight of it anyway, and we found the convenience of a picnic table a poor substitute for the pleasures of the remote site and our companions of the night before.



(Photo by Eric)

4 miles.

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