Rain to Duluth

It rained a bit during the night, but the skies were dry in the morning when we woke up. We went ahead and had our breakfast, but when we started packing up the tent drops started coming down again. The whole sky was grey, and we had the sinking feeling this was rather a long-term rain then some short passing shower. But it was light enough not to deter us from riding, so we packed up the bikes, donned our raingear, and set off.

This gave the ride a muted character, and we rode smoothly across most of Minnesota to Duluth. Because we were going west to east, we probably paced the rain to some extent and so kept ourselves in wet, but light rain is not that bad on a motorcycle once one has gotten all suited up and taken off.

Once we got to Duluth, we decided to splash out a little bit and spring for more luxurious accomodations than normally. We didn’t go wild, just a “Comfort Inn”, but it did have a pool, hot tub, and a sauna, and it had those little amenities like afternooon cookies and free morning papers like the fancier places have. These, and being warm and dry were more than enough for us, so we were happy.

170 miles.

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