Don’t Mess with Canada

We awoke to beautiful views right out our window to the lake, but ours was not a life for lingering, and we dragged ourselves out of bed to get ready to leave. D. was planning a ride of some 400 miles down to Port Dover and a motorcycle rally there, and we felt it best to leave with him, even though our ambitions were much more modest. Unfortunately, although sun was peeking through the clouds here and there, it was also 40 degrees and windy. So the heat had been replaced with rain, and now the rain replaced with cold and wind. It seemed like we weren’t going to be winning any time soon. Maybe we shouldn’t have messed with Canada, we thought.

We gamely bundled up and set off, bidding first P. and then D. farewell, and again having breakfast at Tim Horton’s. We lingered over this, hoping the temperatures would warm up, but this didn’t really happen. Eventually we decided we’d just have to settle for sun, which brought cheery light at least if not warmth. We got on the bikes and gamely belted out the first hundred-odd miles, periodically stopping to warm ourselves up in gas stations.

Finally we made it to Sudbury, had lunch, and planned our next move. We decided to go as far as North Bay, a big-ish city on the north side of a smaller lake inland from Huron. This was about 80 more miles, and though we wouldn’t quite be at our usual quota of 200 for the day, we figured our two big days just recently should make up for this.

With the reassurance of our goal of a warm hotel room ahead we knocked off the remaining distance and straggled our way in to accomodation in North Bay. (Camping was basically out of the question now, since our summer sleeping bags weren’t really going to be up for the 30-degree temperatures the evenings were now getting down to, let alone the unpleasant wind.) Two more days and we’d be home!


190 miles.

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