Uncivilized Motorcycling

We got up and had breakfast at Tim Horton’s, the same place we’d had dinner at the night before. Simple, reasonably healthy fare, decent coffee, wi-fi – what more could we want?

We managed to get on the bikes and head off while the still-grey skies remained dry, but that lasted for all of about 5 minutes, and it started drizzling by the time we reached the main highway. Unlike last night, however, we were determined to make progress, and so we stuck on the bikes, and the rain died away after 15 minutes or so. Unfortunately, it was replaced by fog and mist, and we had to slow down. Of course, cars didn’t do the same, so I put my hazard lights on to warn them something was up. We’d just read about a massive pile-up in the UK recently due to fog. It must be something about driving inside a box made of tons of metal that gives one the security to barrel on full-speed ahead despite being unable to see far enough to stop in time should an obstacle arise. On a motorcycle though, one is painfully aware of what would happen should something loom out of the fog ahead, although even this does not always instill enough caution.

We did OK though, not meeting with any mishaps (and only one roadside deer, which we avoided), and we continued along Route 17 (the impressively-named “Trans-Canada Highway”, a humble 2-lane road her as along much of its length). After an extended lunch stop though to warm up as much as anything else (it was only 60 degrees, but with the wind and dampness a chill was getting to our bones), it started raining again, this time looking in earnest. It never rose above a drizzle, fortunately, though it continued (mostly) on and off for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally around 5 we rolled in to the town of Wawa, where we had been told to get gas before a long gap in stations before Sault Saint Marie. While getting gas we decided we were pretty much out of gas as well, and in the cold and damp again opted for a motel.

292 miles.

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