Down from the North

Today, at long last, we were homeward bound. We took the 15 south out of Smiths Falls and then switched to a county road for a shortcut down to the 401 along the north side of the St. Lawrence. This proved to be an ultra-busy highway for some reason. It is probably the route between Montreal and Toronto, but that’s a long way and not a commuting route. But anyway we worked with nearly bumper-to-bumper but flowing traffic for the mercifully-short 10 miles we had to the highway. Then it was a left turn to a pair of bridges (actually 5, but 2 major ones) crossing the St. Lawrence via a large island. This was the so-called “Thousand Islands Seaway”, and it lived up to its name. The view we had from the first bridge going over to Hill Island was incredible. Unfortunately there was no shoulder or any place from where to stop and take a picture. None of my web searches have turned up anything either, so apparently it’s not easy, although it might be one of those cases of two broad a view to be adequately captured in a photograph as well.

We then went through the customary job-justifying US border grilling (but thankfully no searches), and made our way down into the far windier (for some reason) US. There were all sorts of beautiful routes we could be taking at this point back home, but in our road-weary state we chose the quickest and easiest: I-81. It was a grey, rather cold run back, not helped by the wind, but we put our heads down and ground it out, with only a single stop for a late lunch to break the journey. Then we were welcomed into the arms of our neighbors, and a day later moved down to the rental house we’d spend our last two weeks on US soil in relaxing and getting ready for the big move to Finland.


175 miles.

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