2017/07/26 (Wednesday; Gullesfjordbotn -> Å Part 2)

(Continued from part 1)

I stopped at a small grocery store on the way back to the main road, then carried on. I’d basically used up all of my side-trip time for the day on this one sojourn, but I had no regrets.  There could not possibly be anything better to be than where I had just been.

I stopped an hour or two later for gas in Svolvær, and had one of my usual gas station lunches, this time with a panini-like sandwich rather than a baguette. Then I continued the ride west.  The sun continued to shine as I weaved in and out between mountain and sea.



At one point I crossed over a bridge where water was rushing madly in from the open sea to the fjord beyond.  The fierce tide I’d seen drawing out earlier had turned about and was now even more eager, if anything, to get in.


The ride took some time, and as usual my energy level tended to degrade in the afternoon, but I eventually made it out to Å.


The campground on the western side of the town that even Google had mentioned was not there, however, and I had to backtrack to Mosknes, a little ways east of it. The road winding through the town itself was narrow, curvy, and tight, necessitating a lot of pausing and slowing to allow for oncoming traffic or its possibility. I was quite drained by the time I rolled in to the campground, and it had a sign saying “Fullt” as well. Luckily that did not apply to tents, it seemed, and I was allowed to pay and pitch my tent in an already crowded field which felt a bit like the Grassroots music festival.


And once again there was a cafe, this time serving very good-smelling food in addition to the beer. But the food was expensive and I had my own to cook anyway, so I settled happily for the beer.

There was no long hiking trail this time, but I found some places to wander nonetheless out over some hills overlooking the water.


And again an early trip to bed, though this time some of the most recent arrivals talked long and made noise settling down.  It was an interesting crowd here though, at the end of the world, and I could not complain of my lot.


270 km


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