2017/07/30 (Sunday; Humppi -> Espoo)

Now this was it, the last day, and although this campground had had the friendliest atmosphere, I was in no mood to sleep late and lounge around. I got up and got rolling early, and then stayed on the bike for 180 km straight before taking a single long coffee stop at the “Cafe 58″ — situated appropriately along Highway 58. When I got there the TV was showing live coverage of the rally and the dining area held half a dozen men glued to the set. I mainly munched my food, sipped my coffee, and minded my maps as I normally did. When I headed back out, I took a moment to insert the jacket and pants liners that I’d left out when starting out. At 8 am it had been sunny and warming up rapidly, but now at 10:30 it was cloudy and cool.

No matter, I got back on the bike and rode another 190 km and was home.


370 km


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