Alppikierros Day 4: Into the Tyrolian Alps

We awoke after five hours of sleeping like the dead. We had to get up and on the road, but I would never forgive myself if I left here without seeing the Festspielhaus. Fortunately its location within walking distance and in the middle of a park made it ideally suited as a running destination. It was a lovely morning, and I saw only two other souls in the park, one a dog walker, and the other another “culture runner” like myself.


Back to the road. After yesterday’s poor experience with the big, main autobahns, and more jams promised since this was Germany’s big vacation road travel season, we decided to change things up and do some B-road riding. For the most part this worked — the scenery was much better and we didn’t even go that much slower much of the time. We also saw a lot more motorcycles than we had on the autobahn, so it seemed we weren’t the only ones who found the great superhighways wearying.

But sometimes we ran into long stretches of crawling through towns and lights, and once we hit a road closure that left us with a 45-minute detour. At last when we had drawn to within less than an hour of our destination where we’d meet up with our merry band of Finns, one last complication arose. The road came to an end and the GPS seemed to be directing us to put our bikes on a train! While we were waffling over whether this was really what we wanted to do, the train left and the next one was a full hour later. We ended up waiting it out, for the ways to go around this turned out to be quite limited indeed. So sure enough, we rolled our motorcycles onto flat rail cars where an attendant strapped them down.

day04_IMG_4208 - Version 2

A fifteen-minute ride later and we were off on the last part of the journey. Thankfully this, at least, went smoothly, and we were just in time for dinner and some beers with our group.


515 km


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