Alppikierros Day 18: Finland Again


This morning dawned warm and sunny, rather unusual in our experience for an arrival in Finland. After a coffee and a snack on deck, we packed and donned our riding gear for one last time. Though tired, I felt ready for a full day of riding if need be. Riding the motorcycles was what we did.

It took the crew a while to clear truck trailers out of the way before we could ride out of the hold, but after that everything was smooth sailing. There was no passport check whatsoever. Apparently the authorities trusted that Finnlines had done their work when checking us in. Either that or they realized that terrorists and other problem individuals usually flew rather than taking boats or other slower forms of transport, and it was even more rare still that they bought and rode motorcycles as part of their cover.

We rolled on out of the harbor and took the scenic route home. 25 kilometers today, 4760 for the trip. Whew!


25 km


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