Finnish (Suomenkieli)

My first contacts with the Finnish language were with the names of deities and heros from Finnish myth and legend, playing Dungeons and Dragons. "Väinämöinen". "Mielikki". "Lemminkäinen". Long and luxuriantly full of i's and k's, they carried in their very nature a breath of romantic mystery from the far north.

Many years and lifetimes later I happened upon a cookbook with Finnish recipes. "Kukkakaalilaatikko", "mustikkakeitto" and more greeted my eyes, and soon, happily, my belly.

And then yet later and through other pathways, I found myself actually learning Finnish, a language with only about 6 million speakers -- just the tiniest drop in the bucket in today's global melting pot. More people live in many of the world's cities than in Finland. But rational assessments of utility such as this rarely play into decisions to learn languages...

Here are some useful references I've come across while learning.

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