Arbolitos, 2005

These are photos from an extended-weekend car camping trip down on Baja California's Pacific side. We drove half a day to get down there, but still reached little more than a quarter of the way to Baja's impossibly far southern tip.

Though it was only February, we enjoyed 60 and 70 degree temperatures the whole time (as long as we stayed out of the water, at least). A welcome respite to those of us living in northern climes.

On the road headin' down.

At a rest stop, Jon shows off his lightning-quick hands while Paul wows us with bird whistles. Robin and I can only smile admiringly and be grateful to share a car with such talent.

We arrive at night, but the next morning, WOW!

Light has not yet reached the water in the cove to the "north". Near the center, a dark opening in the cliffs marks a tunnel through which the brave would later paddle their kayaks. Sadly, this fine complement of our party would not include me.

Our little campsite by the deep blue sea. Lukman is up rummaging for food (or perhaps a beer?), while Steve (the long green object below right center) slumbers peacefully beneath the tarp.

This two-room shack marked the upper edge of our site. It had seen better days, to be sure, but still held its own as a prototype of 20th century Baja Mexican architecture. Strangely, my first name was spray-painted inside the "bedroom", as if in some David Lynch movie never made, I were fated to live out my days here in alternate time.

The Cross: an ominous reminder to proceed with caution. Four vehicles had fallen at the foot of the cliff it stood over. Though, there were debates as to whether these represented drunk driving gone bad, or had just been deliberately sent over as a stunt.

The second morning. Ann and Chad have enhanced our little gathering by their presence, though Chad is a bit under the weather. Matt is looking none the worse for having played an indispensable role in reducing our wine supply to the paltry two bottles remaining next to him.

Meanwhile, Steve enjoys a fresh cup of tea.

A friend of mine once laughed at a postcard of the well-settled southern California coast that I sent her, saying it would be some pretty nice beachfront real estate -- if it weren't for all the beachfront real estate. Don't have that problem here.

A reminder of the more stark and forbidding side of this land.

Well, we all had to go back home sooner or later after our time in Baja. Some of us had more ludicrous things to return to than others, however. The best part here is that in the larger version of this photo you can see another person laughing at me laughing at the Gates.. (Or is he only looking on with exasperated patience at my inability to recognize Art when I see it? Ah, New York -- all things for all people. ;)

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