Randim Images

(Spring, 2001)

These images are created on a computer in an interactive process where random numbers are used to generate the images in ways that are shaped by but not fully under the control of the artist. The titles represent an attempt to render subjective impressions of the results into words, and the observer is welcome to ignore them!

The process of image generation uses only a dozen or so numbers as input, yet produces a virtually infinite amount of detail, revealed by magnifying the image (on a computer). The rendering exposes hidden structure in numbers that becomes revealed by their interactions. For example, dividing 22 by 7 results in 3.142857142857... - a repeating pattern of 6 digits. Dividing that by 17 gives a result that repeats only after 150 digits, far more "detail" than one would expect were in 22, 7, and 17 to begin with, and this effect accelerates much further as more operations and more numbers are added to the mix...

Despite this seemingly abstract origin it is no accident that results resemble natural shapes and textures, for in that instance, too, we see the results of elementary forces interacting in compounded ways.

Click each image for a larger version, click the title for a closeup. Full-resolution images currently available have 3x greater dimensions than the large size provided here, and would be impractical to download.

All images generated using the randim program, written by Adrian Robert.

Lost Forest

In the Wheat Field


Will o' Wisps




Spiral 1


Life Sign

Star Dragon


Space Station

Death Reaching into Spring

Black Hole 9

(Copyright, 2001, Adrian Robert)

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