A Further Xanadu

Hyperfiction by Adrian Robert

This is a piece of hyperfiction I wrote way back when I was a freshman in college. My (lack of) maturity and skill level do show through, but I leave this up because a place should always be kept for dreams and fantasies.

Think of this work as something of an adventure game - a world where you are free do to whatever you wish. Unlike the usual adventures there is no specific goal, however, except to explore and follow wherever the combination of your curiosity and the narrative structure leads. Links that can be followed are indicated by the underlines.

Generally, clicking on an underlined item will take you to a text segment having to do with the item. Two special links are "back", used for situations like examining objects in a room where a return to the previous point is called for after a description is given, and "next", used in cases where a thread winds along several text segments, which are split up either for logistic or stylistic reasons. To provide you with a rough idea of the size and scope of the work, there are some 160 locations and 240 links.


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